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Anonymous said: Yeah I don't think so.


Anonymous said: God damn I just want to fuck the shit out of you Vikki. But you're leaving for college soon :[


Anonymous said: I can't tell you. Sorry.

Why not? Maybe things can be fixed if you just tell me.

crystalchibimoon said: Ooh gurl, see you in a few dayssss

Anonymous said: I'll give you a simple hint. It's been quite some time since we've seen each other. Things are very different now. But I wish you the best in college and all that.

Please just tell me.

Anonymous said: You know, it is sort of funny. It has been quite a long time since we talked and yet I've thought about you countless times. I think it's best we keep our desperate ways.

If you know me, why would you send me a message like this and not tell me who it is. If you really knew me you would know I hate when people do that to me. Then again who doesn’t. Please just tell me and we can make things right.

Anonymous said: Trust me, you wouldn't like who I am. Let's just say the message you never saw was sent... On impulse. It was absolutely how I felt at one point but it has been too long. I found out soon later how much you hate me.

Please just tell me. Please.

Anonymous said: lol wow


Anonymous said: I guess who I am isn't really relevant anymore lol


Anonymous said: Hey there Victoria. Pretty sure you will never see this seems how you never login anymore. But anywho, I really miss being like best friends with you. I know you think I'm full of shit and hate my huts and you have pretty good reason to. But I just really miss being able to tell you everything and talk about anything I wanted. You once said to me, "Eventually you will realize how much I mean to you." And I noticed a long time ago. I just miss having you as a friend. Goodbye, Victoria. <3

who is this?